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Learn more about the people behind DataCave

Read on to discover the team behind DataCave and how DataCave progressed into the app it is today.

Who built DataCave and why?

DataCave Owner Steve Castle

DataCave was conceived by a guy called Steve Castle. He was frustrated by the fact that there were no simple to use cheap password apps available. Password apps that were available were hard to use, intimidating, too complicated, did not always work and/or were expensive if one wanted full capability. So, he started to design and build DataCave for himself (“To replace his little black book”), and it soon took on a life of its own!

He loved it so much that he decided to share it with his family, friends and colleagues. The feedback was so great that he decided to make it more widely available. Along the way DataCave got better and better!

DataCave app has no in-app adverts and there is no personal data tracking. It has been built along ‘Privacy by Design’ principles and it is impossible for DataCave to ever access or see the data that you are holding within the app.

Who owns DataCave?

The DataCave app is owned by Tribal Data Limited, which is a company registered in the UK and subject to, and fully compliant with UK laws and regulations (including data protection laws).

The founder of Tribal Data Limited and DataCave is Steve Castle. He is a UK citizen and retired board director who has had a 35-year career in financial services running regulated companies.

Steve Castle was, until he retired, an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved person. This means that he was approved to carry out specific controlled functions within major regulated financial services companies. These included Direct Line Insurance, Churchill Insurance, Liverpool Victoria (LV=) General Insurance. He was the Finance Director at all of these companies. His details can be found on The Financial Services Register under his full name Stephen Victor Castle (Ref #SVC01002) - view his History Section (https://register.fca.org.uk). A comprehensive profile of Steve Castle can be reviewed on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/in/steve-castle)

Steve is active in the Personal Data and Internet Privacy space and is passionate about helping individuals to take back control of their personal data and to start to derive value from it.

Why trust DataCave?

In addition to the security system and standards noted above, here is some verifiable information which should help to reassure you:

  • In order for users to trust DataCave they need to be confident in the DataCave security features which are protecting their data. We felt that the best way of achieving this was to get a full security review carried out by independent third party experts in the cyber-security and risk mitigation field. We therefore appointed NSS Claranet (a well known, globally recognised cyber security expert), to review, test and to try to hack the security features of the DataCave app. The resulting security report confirmed DataCave's strong security credentials. We are proud to publish the certification and summary report that was provided. This will hopefully reinforce user's confidence in our commitment to security and in our ability to ensure that your data is protected and secure at all times.
  • Tribal Data Limited (trading as DataCave) and Steve Castle are founding members of MyDataGlobal (https://mydata.org) - an international organisation aimed at standing up for individuals’ personal data rights and internet privacy.
  • Tribal Data Limited (trading as DataCave) and Steve Castle are signatories to the My Data Declaration (https://mydata.org/declaration/). This declaration supports the idea that personal data and internet privacy are a human right of the individual.
  • Steve Castle is a signatory of The Copenhagen Letter (https://copenhagenletter.org). This letter outlines what best practice should be for protecting individuals’ personal data rights and privacy on the internet.
  • The DataCave App has been built using zero knowledge protocols – this means that the only personal data that DataCave has is your email address, your chosen username and your chosen device name.
  • A number of the more expensive and well known password manager brands store your personal data in their own corporate cloud storage along with everyone else’s data. This creates a data honey pot for Internet hackers who target concentrations of personal data. Indeed, some of these password managers have been hacked. DataCave does not do this. There is no centralised database. All your data resides only on your own individual personal devices.