Image representing DataCave launching on Social Media

DataCave on social media

We brought DataCave to social media to spread the news that we are launching and see how many of you agree that managing passwords is a pain that you haven't yet been able to find a solution for. Check out our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know what rings true for you too.

DataCave announce results of our safety survey carried out recently with 1009 respondents. The survey was carried out by CitizenMe, the world’s leading ethical insights platform, giving access to unique data points around the world. It has over 250,000 members and has access to millions of satellite participants. - protecting individuals' personal data rights and internet privacy

DataCave becomes a founding member of MyDataGlobal

Tribal Data Limited (trading as DataCave) and Steve Castle are founding members of - an international organisation aimed at standing up for individuals’ personal data rights and internet privacy. Tribal Data Limited (trading as DataCave) and Steve Castle are signatories to the My Data Declaration ( This declaration supports the idea that personal data and internet privacy are a human right of the individual.

DataCave coming soon to the AppStore and Google Play Store

Coming Soon

Launch of DataCave on AppStore - coming soon

Launch of DataCave on Google Play store - date to be announced

Another CitizenMe survey to learn more about the UK's data habits